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Auto loans let you borrow the money you need to purchase a car. Since car loans are considered “secured,” they require you to use the automobile you’re buying as collateral for the loanhowever Financing your car near Van Nuy’s is fairly easy.

This is both good news and bad news. The fact that your loan is secured does put your car at risk of repossession if you don’t repay the loan, but having collateral typically helps you qualify for lower interest rates and better auto loan terms but there is good news Financing your car is quick.

Auto loans typically come with fixed interest rates and loan terms ranging from two to seven years, but it’s possible to negotiate different terms depending on your lender.

When shopping for an auto loan, compare APRs across multiple lenders to make sure you’re getting a competitive rate. Also look for lenders that keep fees to a minimum and offer repayment terms that fit your needs. Loan details presented here are current as of the publish date. Check the lenders’ websites for more current information. The auto loan lenders listed here are selected based on factors such as APR, loan amounts, fees, credit requirements and more.

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